Week in Pictures 02.10.11: Artist Special

Cynthia Henebry

Dusdin Condren

Heather Culp

Jack Toohey

Lauren Treece

Nelli Palom Ki

Ryan Furbush

Callum Ross

A few weeks back I stumbled upon We Are Wild website, and this lead me down a rabbit hole of inspiration. The idea behind it is to create an archive of photographers work and to interview the artists to understand their own inspirations, work style and to overall understand their work. I have to say that the choice of photographers are right up my street, focussing on the quality of film, dreamy coloration, stunning landscapes and capturing a wondrous world beautifully. Almost every artist’s page had me grasping at my touchpad to drag the images to my desktop for inspiration, here however I share some of my favourites. From reading the interviews it made me very much aware of my own practice and the elements of photography that are aesthetically pleasing to me. Simply for instance, my favourite photographers have a tendency to work with film (even down to fashion photographer, Tim Walker, whose work doesn’t necessarily evoke the vintage colouration that film often lends itself to), this has made me realise that this is an area I want to learn more about and experiment with. It goes to show that stumbling around the internet isn’t necessarily a bad thing!


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