Two Weeks in Pictures (Kinda) 9.11.11

In the past two weeks I have been back in England spending time with my family. It was really wonderful to have some “down time”, being a tad lazy and seeing lots of wonderful people I have really missed. I like to think that the first week I spent “recovering” from Korea and the second catching up. The images above (mainly involving the angles of my mum, sister and brothers head – although brother wise this is mainly how I saw him the entire trip *notice the headphones) were taken on a trip to Brighton seafront and the bottom two aren’t really in keeping with the top images but I couldn’t resist as I fell head over heels with photographing this mirrored sculpture at Goodwood gardens (Chichester) the day before.

Bellow is a beautiful film of our village bonfire which was made and burnt on the 5th November. Bonfire night has always been the signal for the start of Autumn and Winter, and to our family a celebration as all members contribute as part of a community. My papa is seen in this video and I’m always so proud to see the work he puts into this momentous day; as my mum, sister and I carve large pumpkins and my brother and his friends generally reinact scenes from Lord of the Flies while collecting furniture from the bonfire pile. Enjoy!

All Images – © Rebecca Hawkes 2011 – 2012

Event Horizon from James Miller on Vimeo.


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