Week in Pictures 12.02.12

Epilogue by Eva Emanuelsen

Bottle tops without a bottle opener

Drive to Sweden

Inspirational bottle design and alcohol

A swede from Sweden!

Sunday walk

So this week not only did I help with Oslo Fashion Week but I also attended a drinks/catwalk presentation event, where a fantastic singer, sung (once I remember her name I will post up) and I got a little to intrigued by this bottle design, whereby you pull back the metal bottle cap to drink. Speaking of bottle design, at the weekend I followed the Norwegian tradition to visit Sweden for the day. Why? The popular reason, cheap (er) alcohol and meat (not for me I will mention). I of course caught the eye of some very attractive bottles. Will they taste fine and prove to be just as tasty inside? Only time will tell. I realise you shouldn’t ‘judge a book by it’s cover’ but maybe I should just photograph them instead. We also picked up a swede. He was delicious! On Sunday we took a walk in the forest. Beautiful clear weather, where the slippery snow and cold did not stop up from reaching the warm cabin at the top. Next week I will be back in the UK where for once I am expecting to see snow as well!

All Images – ©Rebecca Hawkes 2012


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