The Devils in the Details

Just a few snippets from my current bedroom display. I find I am always cutting and keeping items and finding ways such as the pin board and an old hanging picture frame as a good way to display them. I am pretty sure it will all change around pretty quick. Even the current read has changed since taking these images. The Real Walt Disney was a book I picked up at a local charity shop for the bargain price of £1, and I was attracted by the bright font as well as the intrigue regarding a man that brought about so much magic to children for generations. Granted he didn’t seem like the greatest man when it came to personality, but the book showed that even he came from nothing but was ready to put everything on the line time and time again so that he could create drawings (and later inspire animation), his passion. I am now on to Donna Tartt’s ‘The Secret History’. Descriptive and eerily beautiful without going to the point where I am lost with the language used. I also have a copy of Apartamento on my bedside, which I am longing to have the time to mull through. If anyone has any recommendations for reading, please let me know. It’s always so difficult to find a good book. Especially when your distracted by the cover art.


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