This Week in Pictures 25.2.12

Back in the UK and one of the several reasons for a trip back home to Blighty was due to London Fashion Week. My favourite of all the fashion weeks due to it’s youthful and unique approach to fashion, that inspires with it’s oddities rather than feeling a little stuffy and proper like other fashion capitals. It is where the kids on the streets could start their own show while walking the cobbled square of Somerset house right next to the wonderous creations of London’s designers with their own unique perspective of what to wear come Autumn. It’s where my some of my favourite designers show and I had the privilege to watch the shows first hand on behalf of Volt Magazine. The above image are a little snapshot of what I saw without the drama of broken shoes (fixed by taping them to my feet), cold queues and all the rushing from one show to the next when the tube is closed at the weekend. I will just let you ponder that without the pictures. Overall London has been said to be more refined this season however I feel a little reserved. I like the outlandish creations with a centralised theme and all the bells and whistles pilled on. It’s what London is all about.


On Volt Café – Here


All Images and Layout – © Rebecca Hawkes 2012


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