PushBUTTON Magazine Issue 1

Not sure where I should add the capital letters but I think the correct grammatics in this case are pushBUTTON (although I personally have a habit of wanting to make every sentence into a title with capital letters littered all over the shop). PushBUTTON are a South Korean brand that I was lucky enough to encounter while visiting Seoul Fashion Week in October. Not only did I get to lust over their S/S12 collection, which was impossible for me to fall for as it coupled pastels with iridescent, crown-like head pieces and 50’s glamour, but I also got to interview Seung-Gun Park the designer behind the brand for Korean television. Seung-Gun explained that the collection was about the empowerment of women and the conflict between nature and man made. On another note if you did catch that prime time viewing (‘hash-tag’ sarcasm) I apologise as I do not speak Korean and the translation was difficult.

This week I received a wonderful reminder of this fantastic collection as pushBUTTON were kind enough to send me a copy of issue one, pushBUTTON Mag. What a great idea?! The magazine, which really is more like a book features bold graphics mixed with backstage photographs, editorials, a ken shoot (!) and close ups of all the accessories. These are just a few shots of my favourite pages.


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