Week in Pictures 1.04.12

Happy April Fools Day! I keep trying to think of a trick to play but nothing comes to mind. Maybe it’s a trick in itself that the weather is so nice outside today. Perfect for unexpected naps, where the sun acts like a warm blanket.

This week I traveled back to the UK (once again) and since arriving have barely left the house. Although, literally not getting out much, my week has been filled with home baked cake (unfortunately not tasting as good as the description, but a success in terms of texture for a Vegan batch), blooming flowers and walks with the pooch (Polo is his name-o!). Who poses so well for a photo, he could start up his own ad agency.

Attached to the computer by fingertips for many days had it’s reason’s. For the past few days I have been working on the design of Emerging Students Magazine Issue two. See a snippet of layout bellow or to read the fascinating articles click the link to get your own copy!

Next week I will be shooting some more, hoping those English blooms come in to play, waiting for my Viking to fly here (the long boats take a while longer), seeing friends and attending the launch. I cannot wait! I hope you all have a stunning Easter.

Above Images – © Rebecca Hawkes 2012

Layout of the week

Emerging Students

Volt Café


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