Magazine Inspiration // Edward Fella

I love seeing all the black and white spines lining up. Especially Garage’s ‘You may now kiss’!

Mixture of Rika, I love You, Rodarte for A magazine, Oyster, Monocle & inventory (the boyfriends), and issues of magazine look books (Monki travel issue & Weekday).

& Edward Fella : Letters on America

It is always good to have some printed inspiration lying around. I always have a heap of collected magazines, cuttings, flyers, you name a printed item and I will have it in a pile somewhere. Although the majority of books and resources are still in the UK (still in boxes that I’m praying are still safe and sound since when they were packed from University, almost a year ago!), I have decided to tidy up my ever-growing library and take a few pictures while I’m at it. As I can be a little bit of a hoarder (and my boyfriend is not), I have taken to cutting up the freebies and sticking cuttings into sketchbooks (some of which I exhibited here), but it’s sacrilege to dice up the whole pristine paged package.

The Edward Fella book I picked up at a local flea market at the weekend (loppemarked – one of the first words I learnt in Norwegian, plus the accompanying phrase ‘ How much is this?’), for a few kroner. I usually do not pay the most attention while in the book section as the majority of text is in Norwegian, however by chance (saw an ‘English’ sign which turned out to be just school collage, and passed the art section), I stumbled upon this book. Luckily no language skills are needed as the book is a visual mood board of typography and graphics from across America. I have always been attracted to the beauty of the degraded and unappreciated, and this book demonstrates the overlooked by compiling images to be appreciated. I think it is going to be a great inspiration.

All Images – © Rebecca Hawkes 2012


2 thoughts on “Magazine Inspiration // Edward Fella

  1. Ohhh Rebecca, that Edward Fella book is a true find, you are so lucky! Please post more images from it. VERY inspiring. Your diary is as always creative and beautiful, thank you! xx

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