Week in Pictures 29.04.12

This is a camera!

Spring is finally ariving in Oslo! A month later than the UK (which I hear seems to have gone back to Autumn weather wise), the trees have started to bud and flowers are blooming. The weather transports me to the feeling of holidays, accompanied with the smell of barbeques (how do they smell so good?) and suntan lotion.

On Saturday we took advantage of the good weather and took a trip I have been looking forward to for a while. I had heard about the Preus Museum, a photography gallery in Horton, an hours drive from Oslo and doubly wanted to visit as they currently have a fashion photography exhibit. Firstly the place is beautiful, based at an old navy base surrounded by water, the city feels like it was built decades ago and has never really changed. Secondly the exhibit was fascinating. You begin by walking through the history of photography and cameras (cue camera envy) and arrive at the fashion photography exhibit where you are struck by a Richard Avedon straight off. The exhibit features iconic editorials from the past and celebrates current Norwegian (and Scandinavian) photographers, my favourite’s: Siren Lauvdal, Lukas Renlund, Julia Hetta and Julie Pike. We followed the exhibit by eating a pre-prepared picnic of lentil & couscous salad with homemade bread and hummus, by the fjord.

Today the sun shone brighter and I had to escape the confides of the house. I wondered into Sankt Hanshaugen (Oslo) and spent the afternoon luring over the smell of barbecues while skateboarders swerved past. Oh, and then I made some fancy carrots for a lentil pie. I hope you all had a great weekend!

All Images – © Rebecca Hawkes 2012


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