Haunt Magazine

Yesterday, Haunt Magazine launched! Haunt has been a project that myself and Emily Beard (betweenpeaceandhappiness.blogspot.com) set to work on at the beginning of this year. We were always having grand ideas to editorial stories and wanted an outlet where instead of just dreaming of shoots, we would force ourselves to actually do it. We saw Haunt as the opportunity to put ideas to good use, creating an online magazine that doesn’t pretend to be like a print issue but instead focusses on unique editorials creating an online visual moodboard that we hope will inspire others. Being 2012 our first issue was inspired by the many philosophies of the world coming to an end and the litteral title deriving from The Rules of Attraction. I already look forward to creating issue two, but in the meantime I hope you enjoy issue one!

The editoials I shot for Issue 1 are bellow.

Princess Skullface takes inspiration from the mexican celebration of day of the dead, experimening with bright colours through Keely Hunters amazing Milinary and skull-like make up by Simone Best.

Aura, Glitters, Shines was inspired by the theory of Aura’s. We used this theme to connect with this S/S12 trends of everything that shines.

Honey to the Bee looks at the theory of the demise of the bees leading to the death of humans four years later.

All Images – © Rebecca Hawkes


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