Week in Pictures 21.05.12 Bumper 2 weeks edition

Sometimes I am a very loyal blogger and then other times…not so much. Maybe it’s that too much happens in everyday life or maybe not enough, I am never sure! But I am back this week with a two week bumper edition. In the past two weeks many great times were had. I made sushi (I love the asian market) for the first time, I assisted photographer Julie Pike with hanging photos (love her stuff!), I gave up for a week, was super healthy (until 17th of May came around, Norwegians know what I’m talking about) and worked on some great projects. 17th of May is a highlight on our calendar, not just because it is national Norway day (not sure if that is the correct term), but for us it is my boyfriend, Thomas’ birthday. I made a heart banner filled with cute messages to read once popped (not yet, those hearts are getting wrinkly), a pumpkin spiced coconut cake (recipe), and pancakes for breakfast (blueberry of course). Then we were off to the parade in town, followed by demolishing the cake at his parents in the countryside. The weekend went super fast, although having an extra day off in the week, and was spent with friends. We caught the Avengers film (obviously no pictures), and enjoyed the sunny weather on sunday with a barbecue and badminton.

This week my sister will be coming to visit and I couldn’t be more excited to show her around town!

Hopefully I’ll be back here sooner than before. Speak soon.

All Images – © Rebecca Hawkes 2012


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