Week in Pictures 30.05.12 – Little Sister Special

Purple hair and Blueberry Scones

I like the sound of this record – The Death Defying Unicorn!

Oslo Opera House

Tilt Bar

Oh it has been a busy week. It is a sure thing when the sun comes out that there is fun to be had. The highlight of my week has to be the quick but wonderful stay from my sister. It has been my first time hosting a guest here in Oslo and I had lots on my list to fit in to a two day slot. We created a curtain with a blanket and my studio backdrop, made sushi, had an indoor barbecue, went to the beach with friends, had a picnic in the park, walked for miles on the side of a huge hill, i.e. HolmenKollen (the Oslo ski jump) in the search for cake, walked around Aker Brygge, then the old fort and then to Oslo Opera House, watched Trollhunter, ate pancakes, Drank beer at a nerds fairground (Tilt bar – old school computer games + micro brewery beer) and played shuffleboard (my sister’s new profession). Man that was a long sentence! It is sure to say we had a blast. I am now looking forward to seeing the rest of my family soon and sharing many more happy times in the sun.

All Images – © Rebecca Hawkes 2012


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