Week in Pictures 23.07.12 | Baby Weekend

So, whose ready for some cute pictures…?

1 Month old twins | Lily & Nora

4 Month Old | Alba

So this week was filled with updating the blog, working from home, bike rides and cooking but alas this did not wield a lot of photos (anyone figure out how to photograph while cycling?) and any how, I was swayed by these beautiful girls to upload just their pictures.
It really is amazing how quickly babies change. This was made ever so clear yesterday after visiting two sets of babies with only three months apart in age. Well, to start since we last saw Lily and Nora they have become so much more alike (identical twins), to the point that to tell the difference you have to search out little signs – a swirl of hair or the difference in hand size. I see this will be difficult in the future but I really look forward to see them grow up. At this point they are just starting to try to smile, whereas visiting baby Alba (4 months) we were greeted with a smile and a babble of noises. Alba was fascinated by what was going on, and got a little scared when my bearded boyfriend Thomas came to say hi! It was a wonderful way to spend the weekend and I very much look forward to their incredible changes and of course capturing it all on film.

All Images – © Rebecca Hawkes 2012


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