Week in Pictures | 30.07.12

First thing I thought when touching down at London Gatwick on Tuesday, ‘so this is what sun looks and feels like’. It is no secret that the summer weather has been poor (ing down!) both in the UK and back in Norway so it was a wonderful surprise to greet the sun on arrival. This week I have been enjoying seeing friends and family, with chip picnics in the park with my family playing Kubb (Swedish game with the general gist being to throw wooden sticks at the other teams wooden sticks), buffet meals in a pink ladened Chinatown, 90’s themed photo shoot, homemade vegan meals around my Grandie’s (grandma) and of course sharing a ginger beer beverage while watching the London Olympic Ceremony. Of course coming back to London at this exciting time has been wonderful. It has been a time of celebration and one of those times where everyone feels proud to be British.

YogagloHaunt Mag Issue 2 coming together! ♥ UK ♥ Making the cut with The Printspace competition ♥ Sun ♥ Long chats with good friends in Chinatown ♥ A sweet little girl trying to get sweets from a machine ♥ Olympic Ceremony ♥ Linda McCartney sausage rolls ♥ Meeting an old friend from uni for work plans ♥ Meals with family ♥ Finishing books ♥ Spice Girls ♥


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