Week in Pictures | 6.08.12

And, the fans go wild! Mainly because as I upload my images from this week I am simultaneously downloading a thousand images from the source to my laptop. But of course, also because of this weeks main event…the Olympics London 2012! Yes, sport has infiltrated my very core. From editing and designing while every sport imaginable shows it’s glorious face upon the box, to adidas x Volt parties where mesmerising sporting images shine, and of course ending in the crescendo of visiting the Olympic park in person. Alas we were not there to see Team GB in person (apart from a glimpse of swimming hero Rebecca Adlington on stage) however to support our fellow nations in Basketball. We were fully immersed in stadium glory as Mexican waves sauntered across the court, hoops were scored from unbelievable distances and kiss cams made us all into celebrities. All you had to do was close your eyes and it was like a trip to the US. We had tickets for two matches, so we settled in for the long-haul to watch USA and Lithuania battle it out and then watch China verse Brazil. Of course the Olympic wasn’t without patriotic Brits and worldwide fans, declaring a love of their country and as well as flags, costumes (prize to the British camping costumes) and face paint all round. We felt right at home.

♥ Basketball ♥ Painting nails in rainbow shades & colour co-ordinated outfits ♥ Meeting up with “long lost friends” ♥ London rooftop at night ♥ Volt ♥ Cocktails and Pimms top-ups ♥ Shooting with talented people ♥ Model advice ♥ Lime Crime delivery ♥ Layout for print and online ♥ London ♥ Spending time with family ♥ Temporary tattoos ♥ “Paris flavoured” tea ♥ Present giving ♥ Creating ♥ Metallic ‘R U N’ typography ♥ South London ♥ Heels ♥ Sleepovers ♥ Mexican waves ♥


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