Week in Pictures | 13.08.12

42 Raw with Anna.

New purchases – Glass magazine, Love magazine and It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be bu Paul Arden (HIGHLY recommended!).

Zeum magazine arrived with my work in.

Back to Oslo.

Øya festival.

Barbecue in the park.

Really this post should be coming to you with some crazy pictures of Bjork strutting her stuff on stage wearing a cloud puff of blue hair and a dress created with black bin liners and tubing in mind…but, they confiscated my SLR. I should of seen it coming and I hoped for the best but no, apparently a small SLR is press these days and unlike most people my phone camera is not worthy of having any time spent with it (sorry toots).

So this week I have been working a lot. Yes, I know it doesn’t look it but honestly I have spent more hours than I would like to admit, at this computer screen. I have had a few magazine deadlines coming to an end and also on-going, including the next issue of Haunt. It is really exciting and I cannot help but be spured on by my purchase of the week, ‘It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be’ by Paul Arden. I had heard good stuff about this book, so grabbed a copy while in London. The great thing is that the book is so easy to read, inspirational and will get you thinking. All this week I have had it next to me for tidbit of information when I need to keep going. Quote – ‘Without having a goal it’s difficult to score.’ Also having a copy of Zeum, sitting pretty with my work in is aspiration guidance for getting stuff done.

Once again I have switched between two worlds, London and Oslo. The beginning of the week I was enjoying amazing raw food at 42 Raw with Anna, making homemade pizza with my five year old Scottish cousin and sitting watching Olympics day in and out while working. A few days and a tin can flying machine later I am back in the land of Vikings for surprisingly sunny weather and Øya music festival. It has been a wonderful week!

♥ Bjork ♥ Frank Ocean and Frank Oceans leopard print peace sign tee ♥ New music discoveries ♥ Seeing ‘vegan’ written on menu boards at Øya ♥ Volt ♥ Barbeque in the park ♥ Super supermarket with large ‘free from’ section ♥ Reading ♥ Veg voyages holiday brochure ♥ Fingers covered in rings ♥ Batman in a colosseum ♥ Spending time around the table with family ♥ Vietnamese meals ♥ Working on a plane ♥ Juicy Lucy the juicer ♥ Using vouchers from Thomas’ birthday gift (from me) to score 2 for one deals on delicious lunch ♥ Bunting entrance at Øya ♥ Bjork tee with the eye made from crystal images ♥ Olympic closing ceremony ♥


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