Week in Pictures 20.08.12

Eating colour and hair colour

Beer and chess

Babies and a puppy

The sun came out!

It has been a wonderful week. Although I have been missing the fabulous weather in England (it is torture looking at images on twitter and facebook), we have had one day of glorious weather. You better believe we were out there (with the rest of Oslo) catching some rays and swimming in the water. Although other days we have had rain and clouds, I have been spoilt with family get togethers and a wonderful night out to dimly lit bars where I played chess for the first time in many years (I got beat but I blame this on the beer). I have also been busy with work and was very proud to release Haunt issue two into the world. We are already enjoying planning issue three!

This week I dyed my hair pink ♥ ate purple vegetables (how amazing is that cauliflower! I really enjoyed making purple juice and roasted cauliflower and broccoli) ♥ visited an Oktoberfest ♥ played chess, launched a new issue of Haunt ♥ spent time with friends and family ♥ fell in love with a 4 month puppy (who chose to come sleep on my lap) ♥ saw and photographed the adorable twins, Lily and Nora ♥ The L word ♥ sparkly jewelery and vintage sales ♥ birthday planning ♥ corgette chocolate orange brownies (recipe to come and I promise they were good!) ♥ Listening to BBC radio 6 on a sunday morning ♥


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