Week in Pictures 28.08.12

Coming to you one day later, I am blaming the bank holiday in the UK, the amount of birthday cake and maybe the hot tub…Here comes the cake photos! So this week it was not only my own birthday but my sisters 21st. Much cake was eaten (all vegan), restaurant meals devoured and many ‘chink-chink’ of glasses were heard. I spent my day in Oslo with a homemade cake (above) and decorated with sugar hearts by Thomas. The weather was ‘summer-like’ with rain and clouds so we spent the day relaxing in my favourite café and croozing in vintage stores. Next came pizza in Hell’s Kitchen, drinks at Tilt and finally we wrapped up the day with blowing out candles on my cake.

Back to the UK! I have enjoyed drinks and vegan Japanese with friends (recommended but make sure you are prepared to eat every last scrap – waste not want not!) and then celebrations for my sisters bithday. More cake, a rented hot tub, cute twins (yes more!), slumber party and a delicious vegetarian meal in Brighton.

I admit I have been spoilt and now have to go back to everyday life. Amazingly I managed to get a lot of work done and it won’t be long until I see my hard work in print. It is a good job I love what I do.

Handmade gifts and cards ♥ Delicious food ♥ Lush ♥ Brighton ♥ Pink birthday hair ♥ Booking tickets to see my long lost friend in Sheffield ♥ Equally planning to dress as a mermaid for the event ♥ Planning shoots ♥ Amaretto iced coffee ♥ Surprise photobooths ♥ Elaborate nails ♥ Singing happy birthday ♥ Juice ♥ Vegan fête ♥ Greenwich market ♥ Hand-drawn typography ♥

All Images – © Rebecca Hawkes 2012


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