Week in Pictures 3.09.12

Hello moon and hello September! Where did you come from? It really has crept up and although it is a little disappointing to say goodbye to the summer of little to no sun, I am more than excited to welcome in my favourite season! In comes layering of clothes (who really likes bare legs and shoulders?), cosy nights, bonfires, crisp leaves underfoot, and (although I no longer have school) brand new stationary. What could be better? Especially if, like me you welcome new stationary into your life at any opportune moment. I guess theres something about the fresh pages…

This week I excitedly prepared Issue 12 of Volt magazine to be sent to the printers, as well as working on personal projects in London (the moon was involved). After stretching and causing an all body ache with equipment hiring, I then spent the weekend with a surprise visit to the Paralympics. In the same way I was griped to the Olympics a few weeks back, the Paralympics have been on screens throughout my day, entertaining me while I work and almost causing me to cry any time a team GB athlete wins a medal. So it was a wonderful treat to find extra tickets available while visiting family in Greenwich. I happily sat back, cheering and waving on our fantastic athletes and their talented horses, as team GB’s Sophie Christiansen secured Gold.

Horses and their horse companions ♥ Vegan brownies ♥ Late nights ♥ Coffee with friends ♥ Old sunglass discoveries ♥ Bright pink sculptures ♥ Juice bar finds ♥ Shooting ♥ Sending Volt to print ♥ Lush baths ♥ Morning yoga in the garden ♥ Cycling in the sun ♥ Creative time away from the computer ♥ The L Word (addictive) ♥ Views over London ♥ Singing the national anthem ♥

All Images – © Rebecca Hawkes 2012


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