Week in Pictures 17.09.12

Where is September running away to? How is it the 17th already?! This week there has also been an unusual feeling, in my stoumach as I completed my first three day juice feast/cleanse/fast (whatever you’d like to call it). I have previously tried the one day juicing as recommended in Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Diet, 21 day cleanse but felt inspired to do a little more after watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead…and eating a lot of cake over the space of a week. A detox was in order! I have been pretty amazed to find myself feel okay with a few (or a lot on occassion) of roaring, gurgling stomach noises and feeling content on just liquid. As it was only 3 days I did not experience so much of the “mind sharpening” and increase in palate sensitivity, but I do feel better knowing that my body got a deep clean. Usually it is recommended to do longer clenses for these effects as well as getting over the initial hump of not eating solids. For me 3 days was the only program that I felt I could fathom completing, plus on a healthy vegan lifestyle, I didn’t really have a lot of toxins to clear out.

This week I have also had the pleasure to see many friends and family that I either have not seen for a while or haven’t seen in here in Norway. I bumped into a stylist friend at the Monki magazine party (free phone lens kaladoscopes!), met a friend of Thomas’, had a pizza dinner party and spent the weekend with my visiting grandparents.

Loppemarked ♥ My crazy new pink (indoor) trousers ♥ Surprise late birthday presents ♥ Fresh ginger tea ♥ London fashion week coverage ♥ Irredescent sparkles across the board at the shows ♥ Thomas coming home from work early ♥ Apple crumble ♥ Late night adventures in a Pop music museaum ♥ Camera-less photography ♥ Twins ♥ Jewellery making ♥ Pizza party ♥ Sun and cool wind ♥ Planning ♥ Regular Yogaglo time ♥ Juicy Lucy the juicer ♥ Researching Amsterdam restaurants ♥ Monki magazine ♥

All Images – © Rebecca Hawkes 2012


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