Update | Behind the Scenes | Audrey Grace

Oh alas poor blog! I have abandoned you to the point that Safari history doesn’t remember your name and WordPress has forgotten our log in details. My apologies all round. It has been one of those cases, very much like exercise, when you get out of the habit it is really difficult to get stuck in again and stop feeling guilty. Yes, my Yogaglo account has been a little distant recently too…Over the past few weeks I have travelled to the UK, bought a new shiny camera with all my savings, used it to photograph a wedding from beginning to end, filled up the computers battery and then spent a week editing in between popping to Amsterdam for a quick hello and cherrio with the boyfriend. After that I have been working hard on a few projects and photographing for Haunt. It is fair to say that my lappy (laptop) is feeling the pain, as it slowly struggles with the memory of a USB stick. So although all of the excuses above, I cannot share a trillion images as I cannot download any more to the computer (for now, until I buy another ex HD). But I will share these behind the screens photos from a shoot, I shot for Audrey Grace, down in Brighton, on what could of been the windiest day this year! I kid you not, later we watched people blown away on the news…

All Images – © Rebecca Hawkes 2012


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