Current Inspiration

Oh don’t I love a mood board?! I am constantly collecting imagery for inspiration, through Pinterest, screen grabbing to desktop folders and clippings from magazines, free brochures, flyers e.c.t. These mood board are sometime for clients and sometimes to conceive the aesthetic for a photoshoot, and occasional to inspire myself to further myself. Every year I do my new years resolutions but I cannot help to make them visual. To keep me inspired to live or strive for a particular something, having imagery and text on my desktop to constantly, always helps. Recently I have been thinking about what I want to strive for. Eating healthy, always a biggie on my list as although I do lead a healthy vegan lifestyle, having delicious healthy food to look at helps me to not grab a bag of crisps (now and again). Imagery of style inspiration to be able to understand what I am currently loving and what to look for in store. Home images, as I am currently longing for a base to decorate. And finally imagery that inspire me creatively to produce more work and work hard to achieve a certain energy in my life.

Found Imagery compiled by Rebecca Hawkes


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