Inspiration | Photography | November 12

Alas, my updates have been few and far between. My new super duper camera has meant higher quality images but as a result a rapidly decreasing room for memory on my computer. Files have needed to be deleted and culled, as my external hard drive has been filled to the brink of exhaustion. I am currently waiting to purchase a new larger one so hopefully things can become a bit more regular around here. In the meantime I have been feeding my neglected instagram (follow me at Rebecca_Hawkes_). If you do so follow me you will see my daily antics including yesterday’s long overdue trip to Tim Walker’s Storyteller exhibit at Somerset House.

I have been a mega fan of Mr Walker’s work for many years, even before I could put his name to the photographs. I kept a file of magazine tears of his images, bought almost every magazine I came across with his work in and even bought his previous book, Pictures, twice in order to attend a talk he held at The Wapping Project (I still have both with one signed). As soon as I heard about this newest unveiling fan fairs went off in my brain as plans came into play as to when I could attend. Two weeks after the exhibit open I got my chance. Meeting up with a photographer friend I had met at the previously mentioned Tim Walker talk, Flora Deborah, as well as my co-editor and close friend Emily Beard, we got our opportunity to analyse every image (how is she floating? e.c.t) and study the props up close (cue sneak peaking under dolls skirts). It truly is a wonderful exhibition, from the stunning photographs many of which I had never encountered, to the typography dashing around corners and down walls, and the short behind the scenes videos, the exhibit is definitely worth a visit. Even more so as it is free and on till 27th January 2013. I might just have to move in!

Above is an account of just a few other photographers work I am lovingly becoming inspired by. Of course after the raving review I just wrote you can understand that I am freshly inspired! I also picked up a copy of Rika Magazine Issue 7 the other day (in love with this magazine) and discovered Chadwick Tyler’s photography (a name that rung a bell but I hadn’t delved into). In my pin board I have also featured images from Paolo Roversi (always an inspiration), Ellen von Unwerth (Love the expression in the pose) and Lara Jade (colour!) I hope you are too!


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