A Cup of Tea & Art Prints

A Cup of Tea and Art Prints

Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend the exhibit ‘Seduced by Art’ at The National Gallery in London. We had spotted the posters for the exhibit while riding the tube and were quickly ‘seduced’ by Richard Learoyd‘s photograph of the ‘Man with the Octopus Tattoo II’. Even when chatting with a friend, that tattoo came up. Stunning!

The exhibit itself itself is fascinating. Unlike other photography exhibits, ‘Seduced by Art’ takes photographic work from all themes and translates, deconstructs and compares with their classical art counterparts. The exhibit really provides a new perspective of the work and illustrates a way in which artists have looked back in time to be inspired while still creating contemporary work. At the end of the exhibit I couldn’t help but walk away with a print of ‘Man with the Octopus Tattoo II’ which is now sitting in front of me as a drink a cup of Chai. Perfect!

For more art I have been mulling over prints at the Culture Label. I cannot wait to cover the walls and both the Culture Label and Brighton’s own Art Republic (also a gallery store in London) have got me reaching for fresh frames to fill. Recommended browsing whether you can venture to London or stay inside with a cuppa and flick through web pages.

All Images – © Rebecca Hawkes 2012


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