Whale of a Time



How frustrating is it when sitting on a train or plane and all you can do is wait. Sure enough I quite often pack a book or my recent travel assistant, Apartamento magazine, but when you have nothing but a computer and no wifi it becomes a bit tiresome. I say so because I am currently writing this post while speeding into London, although I won’t be able to post till later. So I will prepare now and then spin out the results when wifi (and order) has been restored!

This shoot is one I have been wanting to share for quite sometime. We shot this Brighton themed shoot way back in September with the hope of a sunny seaside theme. We however got full blown gales and the equivalent of the sea-life center tanks thrown upon us (minus the sea creatures). Charlene however did a great job and didn’t complain as we battled through, taking cover within the Pier arcade. The shoot is for Jaclyn Bethany‘s fabulous brand Audrey Grace. Stop by and take a gander online, if your a fan of stunning vintage dresses and hand-picked designer pieces. You might not come away empty handed!

I must go now as the train is rocking the “boat” a bit too much!

Whale 3

Whale 4

All Images & Layout – Rebecca Hawkes 2012


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