Scraps of paper. A collection

Copenhagen Inspiration

Copenhagen Inspiration 2

My oh my it is chilly! I am coming to you from a livingroom with no windows. Not a crazy shoot location but the flat is getting new windows. I’m not super impressed currently but lets hope the new window fits and we wont be left with a gaping hole in the wall!

On to other chilly locations (!), while I was in Copenhagen, I couldn’t help but notice that there were free magazines, look books, promotional material and flyers wherever I turned (mostly into boutiques). Of course I couldn’t keep my hands off and now I (once again) have a pile to sort through, keep, cut up or discard. One of the gems I bought was Rum magazine. Alas not related to the alcoholic drink, but instead interiors, equally as good to absorb on a night in. I was impressed by there graphics and especially the use of thin typography overlapped and inverted in places. Another great example of branding was The Suit newspaper I picked up. Produced by Unique Models and photographed by Henrik Adamsen. I haven’t seen anything like this from a model agency, with each page displaying a different model, but boy is it a good idea! Take note!

Copenhagen Inspiration 3

Copenhagen Inspiration 4


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