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I’ve just moved to a new website and blog. All in one place! I hope you like the new site and I look forward to seeing you there!

It is brand new so there might be a few tweaks needed here and there in the archives but I’ll be working on that. If you have subscribed by email you should still be getting updates.

See you soon!


Hello New Shoes


I may be female but most of the time I buck the stereotype and go sans shopping. I like the experience of looking at beautiful things but when it comes to parting with the money it very rarely happens (my bank manager father would be so proud). When it comes to stationary I could spend my pretty pennies all day long, browse home interior stores while dreaming and collecting any and every broschure, lookbook, flyer going (Swedish interior store Bolia really knows how to charm me with rose gold shiny look books and a free tea station in store). Shopping for clothes is where I come off short. Mostly I like too many items to be able to talk myself into buying just one or two, so I forgo the conclusion and come away with nothing. I don’t regret this, ‘less is more’. However now and again I happen to come across something essential and / or beautiful. This pair was love at first sight! These are from Monki and maybe not totally practical (no grip and I am currently in Oslo) but believe me they are going to cover the milage in London next week!

Haunt Issue 4 Redesign


Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of launching Issue 4 of Haunt Mag. Although this was the forth time creating the magazine, I decided to refresh and mix up the layout a little bit. We previously used hand lettering for our ‘Are you Afraid of the Dark’ issue (created by my co-editor Emily Beard) but for issue number 4 I wanted to create a distinguished look across the magazine pages, yet could be altered to fit with the style of shoot.

The magazine is aimed at teenagers and young adults, so my font choice has reflected this. A combination of an unusual, handwritten style and sans serif simple font allowed me enough space to experiment while still creating a framework. At the same time I re-designed our About page and my next project is a re-design of our media pack. I am looking forward to the evolution of the design and to producing issue 5 of Haunt.

If you would like to produce work for issue 5 of Haunt, please feel free to contact me at Rebecca@haunt-mag.com for more information.


A day in Amsterdam

A day in Amsterdam by Rebecca Hawkes

A day in Amsterdam by Rebecca Hawkes

Boy, things have been busy around here! Luckily last week I got the chance to fly over to Amsterdam with my boyfriend for a work conference. I figured I could also get some work done and organised a shoot! This was my third time in Amsterdam but my first time shooting with more than two models. Luckily both Iris and Anouk were darling! Our shoot involved pickled herring, photo booth snaps, roller-skates and plenty of tourists snapping their own behind the scenes photos! I look forward to sharing more once published.

A day in Amsterdam by Rebecca Hawkes

A day in Amsterdam by Rebecca Hawkes

A day in Amsterdam by Rebecca Hawkes

A day in Amsterdam by Rebecca Hawkes

A day in Amsterdam by Rebecca Hawkes

Photographer | Rebecca Hawkes (me)
Stylist | Mine Uludag at Nina Klein
Hair and Make up | Tina Schmollat Nina Klein
Models | Anouk at Micha Models and Iris at Elite Amsterdam

Instagram Black and White + Behind the Scenes Mariapia Mineo

Instagram B&W Rebecca Hawkes

Ever since I received the wonderful Christmas present (thank you Thomas) of a new phone, I have been snapping away. I was on Instagram previously but when your phone makes everything and I mean EVERYTHING look like a dirty smudge, it makes you question whether to use it or not. Evidently I didn’t use it much. Now it’s great to snap behind the scenes on shots or snippets from my day and instantly have them appear on twitter or facebook. Above I have collected a few of my favourite black and white shots and bellow a few from my look book shoot for Mariapia Mineo on Saturday. To see what I’m up to instantly follow me at Rebecca_Hawkes_ .




Haunt Issue 4 | Behind the Scenes


Not long now till Issue 4 of Haunt Mag will be published so I figured I’d give you all a little teaser for what we have in store. Can you guess the theme?





Scraps of paper. A collection

Copenhagen Inspiration

Copenhagen Inspiration 2

My oh my it is chilly! I am coming to you from a livingroom with no windows. Not a crazy shoot location but the flat is getting new windows. I’m not super impressed currently but lets hope the new window fits and we wont be left with a gaping hole in the wall!

On to other chilly locations (!), while I was in Copenhagen, I couldn’t help but notice that there were free magazines, look books, promotional material and flyers wherever I turned (mostly into boutiques). Of course I couldn’t keep my hands off and now I (once again) have a pile to sort through, keep, cut up or discard. One of the gems I bought was Rum magazine. Alas not related to the alcoholic drink, but instead interiors, equally as good to absorb on a night in. I was impressed by there graphics and especially the use of thin typography overlapped and inverted in places. Another great example of branding was The Suit newspaper I picked up. Produced by Unique Models and photographed by Henrik Adamsen. I haven’t seen anything like this from a model agency, with each page displaying a different model, but boy is it a good idea! Take note!

Copenhagen Inspiration 3

Copenhagen Inspiration 4

Yadi Layout for Volt Café by Rebecca Hawkes

Brighton Pier for Stylize/d  by Rebecca Hawkes

I love creating layout and design for others but when it comes to creating graphics for myself my mind goes into a tangle of thoughts and ideas. Some of you might of notice that my ‘co.uk’ website is out of use at the moment with the link feeding through to a temporary Cargo Collective address. I am currently working on a new website which I cannot wait to go live. I kind of feel that everything is a little on hold at the moment while I ask the difficult questions of ‘what is my brand?’, ‘what represents me?’ or even stranger questions such as ‘what font am I?’ At least in the mean-time I can satisfy my confussion with this recently published colourful work that I designed for Volt Café and Stylize/d. Check back in soon and hopefully I will have found the answers!

Copenhagen Rings in the New Year

Copenhagen by Rebecca Hawkes

Just getting a chance to look through my photos from last weekend and thinking back to what a wonderful host Copenhagen was. We were spoilt with delicious food, so many boutiques my fingers would struggle to count (maths was never my subject), cafés ready with hot chai, the Tivoli filled with Christmas magic and of course a mass of fireworks going off in every which direction come new years eve. We weren’t spoilt with weather which felt quite British, but luckily I’m used to that! Oh and although the sea was calm on both journeys to and from Denmark, try to avoid teenagers drunk on duty free booze, if you want to sleep that is.

If Father Christmas toy factory does exsist then we have all got the wrong message somewhere along the way (Chinese whispers?) as I now very much doubt it is at the North Pole but instead at the Tivoli in Copenhagen. Filled with tiny light bulbs, cabins filled with toys, decorations and sweet treats, reindeer, a Moscow style St Basil Cathedral (filled with a pyramid of dancing bears – robots of course) and rides around every corner. I think this may have to become an annual trip!

Café N

Café N

Café in Copenhagen by Rebecca Hawkes

Bio Mio Buffet

Bio Mio Buffet

Raw 42

Raw 42

Halifax Burger

Halifax Burger

Food Recommendations

Bio Mio – All organic food and lounge like interior. We went for the buffet which is a little expensive but before you know it you will have your plate (or bowl) filled with freshly baked warm bread, soy yogurt with choice of toppings, cake, fresh juice, cooked breakfast (including vegan sausages), dips and salads.

42 Raw – Copenhagen branch. I had already visited the London café so was intrigued to go to the original. I had the brown rice risotto (not actually raw) but Thomas tried the raw lasanga and was surprised by how tasty a lasanga sans meat, cheese, pasta and not cooked can be! I stocked up on cookies and they do a great juice.

Firefly Garden – A vegan restaurant that’s more suited to evening meal where you put on evening attire. A really intriguing menu which when presented on a dish looks like a work of art. The chef really liked citrus so beware if you don’t want lemon or orange flavours with your dinner. Here I had my first cheesecake in a year. It was good…

Café N – A little out of the center of town and a dinky place on a small street. If you make it there feast on the huge vegetarian plates or as I did order the homemade soup of the day. Great juice too and as they put it ‘fucking good strong coffee’, which turns out to be pretty good! Bonus points for having a wonderful clothing boutique oposite with vintage designer and non designer clothes, small designers and modern jewellery

Riccos – We visited the Studiestræde branch which is in the basement with a little boutique. The chai here is so good and the hummous sandwhich served on a homemade bun was pretty amazing too. Unfortunatley not all Riccos and born the same and a few are a bit more chain-like and don’t sell the same amazing goods. Make sure your in for a treat, head to Studiestræde.

Halifax Burger – Aha not a veggie place! I was immediately attracted to this place by they’re amazing graphic posters. Now that is good branding! This is the place for burger lovers where you can pick what style of burger you’d like (example – mexican: filled with guacamole, jalepenos, cheese, hot sauce) then pick your meat or “meat”. There are two veggie options chickpea and a new vegan pea patty not shown on the menu. Then you pick your sauce and sides. Go for the posters alone, then for the food!

Chai Wong – Following on with another non-veg restaurant and this time I’m serious with the no-veg as there are no vegetarian options on the menu (unfortunately all too common in Scandinavia). We visited this beautiful restaurant on new years eve as a treat, after hearing it was recently created by the guy that runs the Michelin Star Kiin Kiin in Copenhagen. Good recommendation! Unlike Kiin Kiin you don’t have to order a set menu and the dishes are pretty reasonable (for Scandinavia). I was able to alter the Thai red chicken curry to be sans chicken and I was a happy camper! Chai Wong also offers bed tables where you can lay down in a curtained canopy and enjoy your food by candlelight.


Street Art by Rebecca Hawkes

Copenhagen Poster by Rebecca Hawkes

Tivoli by Rebecca Hawkes

A Boat between Buildings

A Boat between Buildings

Tivoli by Night

Tivoli by Night

Tivoli by Night

Tivoli by Night

Other tips

♡ If you have time take a trip to Louisianna of Modern Art , it’s just outside the city and there was great exhibits on. It’s on our plan for our next trip!

♡ If the weather allows, rent a bike! It’s no surprise the top cycling cities are all flat.

♡ Stay at the Axel Guldmann Hotel. Cosy rooms, ecological in almost everyway, close to the central station and a spa that you can enjoy for around 250 DKK.

♡ If you are interested in Ecological products or organic food, Copenhagen is the city for you! We saw hotels, restaurants, food stores and even ecological hairdressers wherever we went.

♡ Beer buff and or geek? Look no further than Mikkeller a tiny celler of a bar brewing they’re own beer and serving over 200 types. A little of a tourist trap as we heard many different languages spoken and a lot of different accents.

The Tivoli. Need I say more?

All Images – © Rebecca Hawkes 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year

Happy new year to all my readers! I spent the big night in Copenhagen and boy do those Scandi’s love themselves some big bangs and fireworks. Apart from becoming a little scared of the fireworks lit on streets, the atmosphere was fantastic. I hope you all spent the holiday season with those you love around you and now we can begin the new year with more compassion, thought and a greater sense of what’s important in life. I think 2013 is going to be a great year!

I will be back with more photos and thought but as this is my first day back on the job, I’m easing in. Speak soon.


Photo and Graphics – © Rebecca Hawkes 2013
The photo above was taken during Christmas in Norway (to clear up confussion), there was no snow in Copenhagen.