Pinned from ear to ear

Volt Café | Layout by Rebecca Hawkes


A smile that is. From ear to ear, when I see a few of my favourite bloggers pin my work on Pinterest. In this case Ivania Carpio from Love Aesthetic pinned the top image and the second was pinned by Shauna Haider of Nubby Twiglet. Both blogs I look to for aesthetic inspiration and interest! The layouts were created for Volt Café. Thank you!


Feeling under the Weather



Feeling a little under the weather with a sort of cold / stoumach ache. But I am filling my body with ginger and lemon at any possible moment and currently watching love actually. Should solve not only mine, but anyones problems! I have also been divulging in blog watching where I am saving healthy food recipes and saving beautiful images. The above images come from Sally Scot and satisy both my lust for hot chocolate while being stunning winter images that conger up skating and that scene from Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere. Perfect.

Recent Layout | December 14th


Sometimes I wish I could share more with you. It is always the way. I do a shoot and instantly want to share the pictures. At least online magazines tend to allow photos to go online almost instantly but still I am craving to share some of the edits from my shoot on Wednesday. We will both have to be patient.

I can however share this layout I designed early this week that has just been posted over at Volt Café. I hope you like!

Photography | David Sessions
Styling | Nadine Artois
Make up | Bella Simonsen using Bobbi Brown
Hair | Alex James Fairbairn using Bumble Bumble
Models | Emily Meuleman @ Elite Model Management London and William Potter @ Elite Model Management London
Photography Assistant | Coco Ehni
Styling assistants | Corey Bulmer

Layout | Rebecca Hawkes

Here is a sneak peak from The Whitepepper’s Instagram from Wednesday featuring the gorgeous Ellie Fox!

Christmas Gift | Rebecca Hawkes Branding

Homemade gifts

Homemade gifts

Hello and Hei! I am once again coming to you from a form of transport, this time I am writing to you from the air, somewhere over the sea between London and Oslo. I am on a flight that has wifi (hurrah!) BUT it is a busy flight and I think someone must be sucking it all up as it certainly sucks (boo!).

So as you might gather, I have been really busy getting everything done before Christmas. Travelling across the country and to other countries. I have however found time (or made time) to create little gifts for my British friends and colleagues with a distinct Norwegian feel.

Homemade gift & labels

I always love making up personal gifts for birthdays and holidays, as I think about what I would appreciate as a present and it never is, ‘how much money was spent’ but instead rests on the joyful feeling of having someone think of me. I got the idea for Norwegian themed gifts as a little tester of international Christmas dishes and drinks (one gifted to a Danish friend who I knew would appreciate a taste of Scandinavian home- Hi Anna!). I bought bottles from Scandinavian store Granit (love this place for basics in all black and white shades) and grabbed some Aquavit from duty free on the way over and set to work. I made Pepperkake from scratch and as a Graphics, I only saw fit to brand the packaging. If I had my own range this is how it would look! I also included under my graphics details of the product and on food gifts where ingredients need to be added, I included an ‘add’ list and recipe. For my Vegan Christmas Brownies I included all the dry ingredients with the only additions being water, vegetable oil and vanilla extract. Almost instant brownies! Who wouldn’t want that for Christmas?

Homemade gift & labels

Whale of a Time



How frustrating is it when sitting on a train or plane and all you can do is wait. Sure enough I quite often pack a book or my recent travel assistant, Apartamento magazine, but when you have nothing but a computer and no wifi it becomes a bit tiresome. I say so because I am currently writing this post while speeding into London, although I won’t be able to post till later. So I will prepare now and then spin out the results when wifi (and order) has been restored!

This shoot is one I have been wanting to share for quite sometime. We shot this Brighton themed shoot way back in September with the hope of a sunny seaside theme. We however got full blown gales and the equivalent of the sea-life center tanks thrown upon us (minus the sea creatures). Charlene however did a great job and didn’t complain as we battled through, taking cover within the Pier arcade. The shoot is for Jaclyn Bethany‘s fabulous brand Audrey Grace. Stop by and take a gander online, if your a fan of stunning vintage dresses and hand-picked designer pieces. You might not come away empty handed!

I must go now as the train is rocking the “boat” a bit too much!

Whale 3

Whale 4

All Images & Layout – Rebecca Hawkes 2012

Crafting Christmas Nails

Christmas Winter Nails

Oh hello hands! I have been looking at them a lot recently as I have been getting craft happy, making Christmas presents for friends and family. Unlike the commercialism that some sceptics complain at the mention of the festive period, I really enjoy planning gifts, making lists, popping along to the shops and crafting special gifts. I actually enjoy the giving of gifts rather than the receiving. Yes, some people might find that odd! However after a long time spent in Selfridges, London yesterday I felt it was time to give myself a Christmas D.I.Y.

I received these metallic silver Nail Rock stickers a while back from a launch party and had previously tried applying to my thumb nail and quickly gave up. These are a little tricky to fit to your nail to say the least! Just wait till you get to your dominant hand and you have to trim the excess while trying not to remove your fingers. Eeeek! So I came up with a compromise, silver tips. The base colour is a nude-ish, purply shade (Big Smoke by Topshop) that I topped with Matt Nail Top Coat from H&M (I am in love with this stuff). I really like the contrast between the matt subtle nails and the over the top shinyness of the ends. Now I am carefully going about my day while catching glints of silver now and again. It’s the small things!

A Cup of Tea & Art Prints

A Cup of Tea and Art Prints

Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend the exhibit ‘Seduced by Art’ at The National Gallery in London. We had spotted the posters for the exhibit while riding the tube and were quickly ‘seduced’ by Richard Learoyd‘s photograph of the ‘Man with the Octopus Tattoo II’. Even when chatting with a friend, that tattoo came up. Stunning!

The exhibit itself itself is fascinating. Unlike other photography exhibits, ‘Seduced by Art’ takes photographic work from all themes and translates, deconstructs and compares with their classical art counterparts. The exhibit really provides a new perspective of the work and illustrates a way in which artists have looked back in time to be inspired while still creating contemporary work. At the end of the exhibit I couldn’t help but walk away with a print of ‘Man with the Octopus Tattoo II’ which is now sitting in front of me as a drink a cup of Chai. Perfect!

For more art I have been mulling over prints at the Culture Label. I cannot wait to cover the walls and both the Culture Label and Brighton’s own Art Republic (also a gallery store in London) have got me reaching for fresh frames to fill. Recommended browsing whether you can venture to London or stay inside with a cuppa and flick through web pages.

All Images – © Rebecca Hawkes 2012

London | Graphics

Pipsqueak Cider Bottle

Byron business Card

After a busy weekend celebrating birthdays and flying across the water back to the UK, I am back in London! I definitely believe that inspiration lies around every corner and when wondering around East London there is an abundance of nice typography. These images come cortesy of a trip to coffee shop, The Shorditch Grind, The London Coffee Map (I’m sure my boyfriend is navigating around london like a cafienne fueled pub golfer), and Byron‘s where they have nice beers, cider and graphics (oh and burgers if your in the mood)!

London Coffee Map

Vegan flapjack bar

Shoreditch Grind Coffee Shop

Grind Typography

All Images – © Rebecca Hawkes 2012

Pinterest Designspiration

Did I just right Designspiration? Yes, design inspiration.

Often you come across a Pinterest board where the ‘Pinner’ (person to Pin) just really gets it. You like the images and imediately fill up your own files, brimming with inspiration. Last night was one of those time and I certainly went into a pinning frenzy! I am currently in the stages of re-designing my online portfolio and a m looking for ideas so this came at a great time. Click here to see more of my pins and inspiration.

Making a list…

Photographer: David Burton
Stylist: Elissa Cannelle Castelbou
Hair: Bianca Tuovi
Make-Up: Liz Daxauer

…Checking it twice. So this week has been a little low on the post count compared to previous but as the title may explain, I have been busy. I am due to go back to the UK for my last stay before Christmas, this means any presents for family and friends need to be ready either before I go (for Scandi themed gifts) or before I leave. Eeeek! Add to this a busy work scedual and a 70th Birthday to prep food for and I have a lot on my plate (including this if all goes to plan). Amidst all this, however, inspiration always looms it’s rosy cheeked face.

The skys may be grey but some days the sun shines and the joy of Autumn returns. I found this editorial a few weeks ago and fell in love. I always like photography where the photographer doesn’t even seem present. The model is natural and the fashion becomes part of her life. She embodies a character and overall makes me want to be that chick! (and that chic!) This editorial was produced for Elle France and shot by David Burton. It really captures the feeling and season of Autumn.

So long farewell and hello winter! My cheeks and ears are not so happy to see you as they hide behind hoods and scarves but I love your cool air and crispy snow.

Full Shoot
Swinging Classiques from Elle France
Photographer: David Burton
Stylist: Elissa Cannelle Castelbou
Hair: Bianca Tuovi
Make-Up: Liz Daxauer